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The National Science Education Standards (NSES) External Link were produced by the National Research Council External Link in 1995 and published in 1996. The Standards were the result of four years of work by twenty-two scientific and science education societies and over 18,000 individual contributors.

National Science Education Content Standards Correlation Grades: 5-8
Instructional Objectives
Science Content Standard

Standard A: Students should develop:

1. Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
2. Understandings about scientific inquiry

Standard C: Students should develop an understanding of:

1. Structure and function in living systems
2. Reproduction and heredity
3. Regulation and behavior
4. Population and ecosystems
5. Diversity and adaptations of organisms.

Standard F: Students should develop an understanding of:

1. Personal health
2. Populations, resources, and environment
3. Natural hazards
4. Risks and benefits
5. Science and technology on society

Standard G: Students should develop an understanding of:

1. Science as a human endeavor
2. Nature of science
3. History of science