About The Series
Players use scientific methods and process skills as they learn the process for designing and conducting a trial, the underlying neuroscience behind the medical advances being tested, and the related careers involved.

2013 Interactive Media Award

Virtual Clinical Trials received an Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement. View award External Link.

  • In Trial 1: Spinal Cord Injury, students work with clinical trials experts to set up a Phase 2 clinical trial testing a new therapy for treating spinal cord injury patients. While engaging in the clinical trials process, students learn the underlying neuroscience behind the medical advancement being tested.
  • In Trial 2: Teens & Depression, students set up a Phase 3 clinical trial to test a new antidepressant for treating teenagers with major depressive disorder.
  • In Trial 3: Traumatic Brain
    , students work with a neurobiologist to conduct preclinical testing to determine if two new drugs effectively treat traumatic brain injury in animals."

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